Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Summer Solar Shower Review

These days we often decide to go out for camping or trekking, but most important is the equipment we keep. And more importantly, it is to have a bath right after a tiring trek. I recently experienced an amazing response from the summer showers I used for camping. It was actually worth my money.

After a tiring adventure, having a shower is extremely desirable. And this becomes comforting with Advanced Elements 5-Gallon Summer Shower. Equipped with an insulating, reflecting and solar panel, it is an artificial reservoir of water which on receiving sunlight gets warmed up quickly, which is like bliss in cold mornings. With chaotic evenings and nights spent in trekking, one needs to have a warm bath to keep them energetic for the rest of the trekking.

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  • 5-gallon outdoor shower powered by solar technology

The Advanced Elements 5-Gallon Summer Shower has some unique and special features available for keeping the various necessities of ours like shampoo, soaps and even our dirty clothes. What else would one need if they have all the basic requirements needed for a cool shower after a weary trek? From personal experience, I can say this is one of the coolest backpacks accommodating all our basic requirements. I and my friends were quite satisfied with it.

It can store up to 5 gallons of water, which was more than enough for us and will suffice the most. Water can be filled-in very easily with very low efforts due to the presence of a wide valve. Very easy to handle and carry as it contains a rubber grip holder allowing smooth traveling. Due to its good grip, it can be hung anywhere and gives a good amount of water flow. Though it’s recommendable not to hang it too high else the shower feeling might not satisfy you. There are not many issues with the switching conditions. It can be easily turned on and off. With all these amazing features assembled into one package, it was like a cherry to our adventure.

My experience with Advanced Elements 5-Gallon Summer Shower?

My experience with this 5-gallon summer shower has been quite thrilling and comforting. It is very easy to handle, and it can be wrapped up allowing it to be carried easily with no difficulty. I have been using this bag since last dozen trips of mine and the quality has been the same throughout. There’s very less or in our case, not even a single instance of leaking and that is why it’s been in use by so many of my family members. Being used more than a dozen times gives a valid proof of its durability. Its capacity is sufficient to give at least 2 to 3 showers.

It also contains a small mirror by its side which is perhaps a very important thing for all of us. So, after using this I can ensure you would never like going out on camping, trekking, hiking or hunting without this shower because this is a multi-purpose bag. I am so impressed by its quality and utility, that I have been recommending this to everyone who wants warmth and comfort from things, that are easy to carry and handle. In short, it is extremely portable.

Advanced Elements 5-Gallon Summer Shower: Benefits and Drawbacks

With the low availability of this kind of portable bag heaters, the Advanced Elements 5-Gallon Summer Shower is attracting people a lot, due to its several benefits bundled in one pack. This summer shower requires at least 3 hours of sunlight to get the desired warmth that you want. If you want the water to be less hot you can keep it in sunlight for a short span of time. Depending on your requirements this bag comforts you in the way you like.

The only problem is that when it’s removed from sunlight, there are chances of it getting cooled down easily and quickly. But you can wrap it with towels or insulating material to retain its warmth. It has a certain gauge which is turned on when a perfect temperature is reached. These bags have not only fulfilled my camping desires but also in my garden, it serves as a good medium for cleaning myself, my legs and even my pets. I have been using it for gardening purposes as well.

What Precautions Should You Take to make it long lasting?

  • Do not hang it very high because then the flow might not be suitable for you to have a comforting shower.
  • Do not give it to kids because the switching knobs are needed to be used properly. Kids generally play with electronics by switching on or off buttons. This may permanently lower the functioning level of the keys.
  • Try keeping it in the sun for a maximum of three hours. Three hours is the most recommendable time. If it’s kept for long hours the water gets too hot.
  • Do not keep it on the ground after it’s been subjected to heat because ground absorbs all the heat making the water cold.

Verdict: Well like a coin has two sides and humans have two faces, similarly, this bag has it’s own pros and cons, but the pros are comparatively more and definitely outweigh the cons. Hence, it is the best comforting equipment for anyone who loves going out for camping, trekking or any other outdoor activity. This bag is the most affordable product for giving you your desired comfort and relaxation. So I would suggest everyone, to give it a try, at least once.

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