Best Solar Spotlights 2022: Reviews, Buying Guide

Gardens used to be a morning place where you could go for a little walk or just water your flowers. This is not the case anymore. People like to enjoy the fresh air after the dusk also. However, absence or even very little presence of light can be problematic and spotlights can also be used as solar yard decoration In these cases, best solar spotlights can prove to be the most effective solution.

Solar panels aren’t restricted only for providing electricity for homes or institution, but you can also even carry portable solar panels for charging your mobile phones and for appliances that require low power.


Best Solar spotlights are a great source of landscape illumination for your garden or backyard. They are nothing but advantageous for people having a garden or a small walkway distance that leads up to your house. At night when things become dark, they provide that extra light to you for having a walk safely.

Also, they are the most effective way to beautify your amazing garden without causing any harm to the nature whatsoever. This is because these devices charge up in the morning using the intensity of the sun. There is absolutely no hassle of wires and chords lined up in your backyard. The spotlights will not cost you very heavily and after the initial set up, there should not be any further expense for a good amount of time.

10 Best Solar Spotlights: A Detailed Review

Here we present a list of 10 of the best solar spotlights  which you can buy right now to install in your garden. So if you have already planned to give your beloved garden a modern look, then don’t just sit and relax. Get up, and check our solar spotlight reviews and take some action after that. Let’s get started!

1. LITOM 12 LED Solar Landscape Spotlights

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First up in the list of best solar spotlights, we have the Litom 12 LED Solar Landscape spotlights which come with a waterproof level of IP67 which can be used for balcony, garden, lawns, walkway and so on. There are two lighting modes: Low light mode and high light mode. 

They have the technology to automatically detect the level of brightness and in low light, they start charging from the energy-saving mode. Also, this helps them to make maximum utilization of sunlight exposure.

These come with a rechargeable battery of 18650 lithium which takes under 4-5 hours to charge fully under sunlight. Ata stretch, they can glow up to 6-7 hours under high lighting mode and around 12 hours in low light.


Very easy to install.
Highly energy efficient.
They come in a very inexpensive price. High value for money.
They are highly heat resistant.


Some customers have complained about these lights not lasting more than 3-4 hours.


This spotlight is a little costlier than the above options but is totally suggested if the place you desire to illuminate is of a big size.

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2. Nekteck Outdoor 2-in-1 Solar Spotlights

Nekteck is undoubtedly on of the most reputed names in the best solar spotlights industry and is often suggested by experts. These 200 lumen LED lights come in a pack of 4 and has 2-1 installation. The device come with two modes name- high light mode and low light mode and lasts around 6-8 hours after being charges fully.

The sensors in these spotlights are highly sensitive and has the dusk to dawn light adjustment system. They are highly energy efficient and absorb solar energy at a good pace.

You can adjust and fix the angle according to your will and set in the direction you desire. The best apart about this machine is that it comes with a 2-year warranty and a lifetime support from Nekteck. Also, they do not make a big hole in your pocket and are surely value for money.


Long lasting battery life.
Highly Cost effective.
Flexible and adjustable.
90-day money back guarantee from Nekteck.


They attract dirt and the screens become infiltrated.


These solar spotlights can prove to be a great cost-efficient way to illuminate your garden or yard and also safeguard it.

3. Sunklly Solar Spot Lights

Next up, we have the Sunkly solar outdoor spotlights which come in 7 colours. When you press the button on it, the colours start changing and when your desired colour appears, press the button one more time to set it as fixed. They come with amazing heatproof and waterproof technologies which allow the device to work efficiently in every part of the year.

They can be used to illuminate your gardens, camps, farms, yards and so on. They can be a great security measure to as they can be mounted all walls and trees too.

 They have a waterproof rating of IP 65 and are developed from premium quality ABS material. They come in a circular shape and weigh about 3.45 pounds.


Very simple installation process.
Highly cost efficient.
They come with a One Year replacement and risk-free refund guarantee.
Great battery lasting and performance.


Some of the customers had a tough time reaching customer service.


All in all, this is a highly recommendable product comes without much of a hassle of setup and installation. Luckily, this one is available on Amazon.

4. JSOT 18 LED Solar Spot Lights

This amazing solar spot light comes from a trusted brand like JSOT. It has as many as 18 LED lights in it and can light up to a distance of 33 feet. These are high intensity light provider machines which come with 2200 mAh lithium battery. They have a high conversion rate of solar power up to 19%.

These JSOT solar spot lights can be grounded or mounted on the wall and can rotate 360 degrees without any joint fixation. They are heat resistant and come with a waterproof rating of IP 65.

These best solar spotlights come with two modes: Low Light Mode and High Light Mode. They can glow for 4-6 hours in high light mode and for about 8-12 hours when the low light mode is activated.

The material used is prominently plastic and these lights weigh about 4.91 pounds.


High Intensity Light
Highly sensitive automatic sensors
Easy installation process
Helpful Customer service and easy returns and refunds


Some customers say that the intensity of light lessens with the time.
A few customers found that the buttons were not working perfectly.


This solar spotlight from Nekteck is truly a best buy option for all the folks looking to glow up their garden or driveway or any place for that matter. These features, performance and brand value of Nekteck at this affordable price range are really hard to find.

5. MEIKEE Solar Spot Lights

Up next in the list of best solar spotlights 2020, we have for you the MEIKEE solar spot lights which come with a fully rechargeable 4000 mAh lithium ion battery. It is known for its commendable battery retention capabilities and works for about 8-12 hours at a stretch.

The material used is premium quality cast aluminium which caters high pressure and heat resistance so the machine is idle for all weathers. It also has a waterproof rating of IP 66.

The light offers 45 degrees beam angle and can be rotated 270 degrees. This makes it perfect for mounting on walls, fences or trees. The installation process is also quite simple as the package comes with a light spike and a fixed base and it can be fixed easily with screws at the place you desire.

The machine is really light and weighs about 2.12 pounds.


Very simple installation process.
Stylish and sleek design because of aluminium body.
One of the cheapest among its competitors
Highly durable product.


Some customers had experienced tough time reaching customer support service.


Well, to be honest this product has way too many pros than cons. It is one of the most cost effective spot light available in the market and has some great reviews on Amazon too.

6. JESLED Solar Landscape Spot Lights

The JESLED solar spotlights comes with as many as 14 LED lights with 600 lumens and a replaceable and rechargeable 18650 lithium ion battery of 2000 mAh. It has two brightness modes and an automatic dawn to dusk mode which regulates brightness according to the ambient light.

The lights are developed from high quality ABS plastic and are heat resistant and waterproof (IP 67). The lights have a 90* angle of lighting and can be rotated 90 degrees as well.

The colour of the light is warm white and the intensity of light is quite high. Under direct sunlight, the battery gets fully charged in about 4 to 5 hours. The machine is really light and weighs about 1.37 pounds.


Good build quality and durability.
Comes with spikes and are therefore easy to set up.
Highly energy efficient.
Cost effective and value for money.


There are no negative remarks about this product.


As you can see, this product has no negative reviews and the customers who have bought this spot light have been highly satisfied with its performance. This is a highly recommended product from our side among the best solar spotlights that you can purchase.

7. JSOT 36 LED Solar Spot Lights

This amazing product from JSOT also makes in this list of 10 best solar spotlights 2020 and it comes with as many as 36 LED bulbs which have the capacity to emit light up to 1000 lumens and the distance covered by them are up to 33 feet. This spot light is particularly suggested if you are a planning an outdoor gathering or party.

The spot lights come with a large size solar panel which enables faster charging and the conversion rate of the solar energy is as high as 19%.

The most amazing part of this spot light is that it comes with a PIR motion sensor which when detects someone passes by increases the brightness automatically. Apart from the automatic mode, it has two other modes- Bright light and Dim light.

The installation process is super easy and the package also comes with two 18650 lithium ion batteries of 2600 mAh.

Moreover, the Spotlights are heat resistant and have a waterproof rating of IP 65.


Amazing build quality and high durability.
Very bright lights which are perfect for outdoor gatherings or camping.
Highly sensitive and functioning motion sensor.
30-day free replacement and one-year warranty from JSOT.


Some customers complained that there was on instruction manual present in the package.


This is a must buy product because of it being a complete package. It is both stylish in look and technologically advanced too. Also, this spot light from a reputed brand like JSOT is really inexpensive, which is an additional benefit.

8. Ollivage Solar Spot Lights

The Ollivage solar spot lights come with 30 powerful LED lights which are 360 degree rotatable. The solar panel as well as the spot light is fully rotatable and you can adjust the lighting angle according to your desire.

The spot lights come with an automatic solar sensor which keeps the dim light mode switched on during light time and the moment it detects some sensor, the brightness automatically becomes high for a period of 30 seconds. Also, the spotlights have sensors who work in response to ambient brightness. So, in the night time, if light is detected from any other source, they will automatically turn off.

They are developed to work in terrible weather conditions like snowstorms or frost and have an IP 65 waterproof category.

The battery that comes along is of 2000 mAh and has a long-lasting lifespan of about 2 years. There is also a hidden switch feature which can be great safety feature for your house.


Light-weight and very stylish in design.
Energy efficient technology used.
Value for money.
Time taken to charge fully is comparatively less.


Replacement for a faulty spot light may take a little longer than expected.


All in all, it is a really good product which does not make a very big whole in your pocket and gives you the perfect illumination for your garden or yard or porch. This product too has got some really positive customer reviews on Amazon.

9. Young Power Solar Motion Spot Lights

The penultimate contender for the top 10 best solar spotlights is from the brand Young Power. The package has a big solar panel that allows fast charging during day time and a 360 degrees rotatable spotlights which comes with as many as 56 LEDs which exhibit super bright light of 800 Lumen.

It has powerful sensors which automatically lights up in the evening if there is no light from other sources.

The installation and set up process is really simple. The spotlight comes with a mounting base which can be fixed on the ground or mounted to a wall, tree or stairs with the help of some screws. There are no wires involved, so it is a really hassle-free process.

The material used is black ABS plastic which gives a sleek design to the lights and the batteries that come along are lithium ion rechargeable and replaceable batteries of 2200 mAh which take up to 6 to 8 hours to charge fully.


Long lasting as working time is about 10-12 hours.
Advanced technology such as Dawn-to-dusk mode and super active sensors.
Very bright and lights greater distance.


Time taken to fully charge is about 6 to 8 hours which is a negative.


This is a highly recommendable spot light from our side as the motion sensors are highly active and this could well be a great safety measure for your house or garage. Also, it comes in a highly affordable price range.

10. DLLT LED Solar Spot Lights

So, the final candidate of the list of best solar spotlights is a low voltage outdoor spot light from DLLT. The product has been made from cast aluminium and has a classy black finish to it. They do not require any wires so it is a really easy installation process. It comes with a stake and you can use it to landscape your walkaway, garden, lawn or maybe your driveway.

It comes with a 200 mAh rechargeable battery which lasts up to 5000 hours. The solar panel is constructed in a way that it has a large border so as to promote better heat dissipation and make it last much longer.

There are two colour variants to choose from- warm white and Cool white. Also, it has smart light detection sensor which turns on the light automatically in the absence of other light sources.


Strong build quality due to metal enclosure.
Solar panels are highly efficient and the conversion rate is quite high.
Really bright and warm.
Easy return and refund process.


Some customers complained about lights getting dim after 3 to 4 months of regular usage


So, we have come to the end of the list of top 10 best solar spotlights and I am sure you have chosen the best one for you. Just in case you haven’t, here is some more useful information that will only help you to make a better and perfect choice.

Best Solar Spotlights Buying Guide

These devices require one-time investment so you should know what you are buying and how is it beneficial for you. There a lot of factors you need to consider before buying a spotlight and this buying guide will take you through all of them.


Best Solar spotlights come with sensors which detect motion so it is one more advantage when it comes to safety. Also, they detect the ambient light and lit up automatically when the natural light starts isn’t enough.


An important point you should consider while choosing the perfect spotlight is the time taken by it to fully charge itself. Now, of course, as it uses solar power to charge, the time will differ depending on the weather of the day. Nekteck Solar lights are one of the bests when it comes to charging and long lasting of the lights.


It is necessary to know how easy or complicated the installation is. Is there a requirement of a professional or you can do it yourself? Solar spotlights can be mounted on the wall as well as on ground. While installing you must choose a place from where light can disperse easily.


Most of the spotlights come with different brightness levels, namely: Low, High and automatic mode. You can select low or high level be judging the requirement while the automatic mode is run by sensors which regulate the intensity of light according to the need. They also automatically brighten up if they detect any motion.


Nekteck, Aootek, JSOT and Litom are some prominent and trusted names in the solar spotlight industry.

So, these were some factors you should be considering while buying a solar spotlight. Take your time, choose the perfect one for your house, do read the reviews of the product, compare the price with other lights and finally find the best deal for yourself.

Best Solar Spotlights Buying Guide

Some of you might be wondering if best solar spotlights are even worth buying? What is the necessity of buying it? Well, forget about it being a really cost-effective option, at least it is not adding up to consumption of non-renewable sources of energy. That, I suppose is the major advantage of solar spot lights.

Solar spotlights not only illuminate and beautify your garden but also do they make things clearer during the night time and may avoid certain accidents that could have happened in low light situations.

Also, best solar spotlights can prove to be a great safety measure for your house as well. Most of them have motion sensors which increase the brightness level of the light when they sense movement.

Moreover, certain animals also tend to stay away from a place which is bright. This can be a really advantageous factor for someone staying in the outskirts or suburbs.

Lastly, they are a one-time investment as they charge on solar energy and eco friendly too.

Who Should Use Solar Spot Lights?

Best Solar spotlights are perfect for people who really care for the environment and try to use as many eco-friendly products as possible.

Also, they are great for people who are into gardening or even like to spend their evening time in the outdoors of their house. The solar spotlights not only provide that extra brightness but also do they give a sense of security to us when there are children playing in the garden who couldn’t have otherwise.

Solar spot lights can be a life saver for those trying to save up on their electricity bill but are helpless because of the heavily energy consuming electric spot lights. Also, there is no extra hassle of wires tangling here and there.

Also, people should invest in best solar spotlights only if the place they desire to illuminate receive direct sunlight. Otherwise there may arise a problem of the lights literally taking ages to charge fully.

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Spotlights

1. Where should solar spotlights be placed?

In case you are willing to illuminate a larger space to light up, you can place a spotlight on the yard. On that note, you can also use spotlights as a solar spotlight to enlighten the large area can with solar lights.

2. Do solar lights work under trees?

No. It will be better for you not to place the solar light under a tree. On that note, the solar light fails to get the sunlight during the day, and it fails to provide light during the night time. So, it is necessary not to place a light under the trees.

3. Why do outdoor solar lights stop working?

In case the solar panel fails to get sufficient sunlight during the day, it may fail to work correctly in the night. So, make sure that you are placing the light on the area where the lights can get sufficient sunlight.

4. Are Solar spotlights any good?

Solar spotlights can enlighten the garden area as well as an expansive outdoor space. In case you are also willing to shine up your garden area, you can choose from the ranges of the spotlights.

5. Why are my solar spotlights not working?

In case you have placed your solar spotlights under a tree, the spotlight may fail to work correctly. You should put the light to a place where it can get sufficient sunlight during the day so that the workability of the solar spotlight remains intact.


Well, this was us with all the information required for you to choose the best solar spotlights for your house. Honestly, choosing the perfect one can be a little challenging. Make sure you are well read about the product and its features. Compare it with the other ones that look good to you and surely you will find ‘the one’ which suits you the best.

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