Best Solar Watches of 2022 For Outdoor Use

Best Solar Watches 2020: When you think of a common accessory that you can carry easily every day without getting bored, the first thought that strikes your mind is a watch! Watches are a necessity that can offer elegance as well. Nowadays millennials are preferring solar watches than traditional watches especially while going for outdoor activities.

Best Solar Watches: Myths and Benefits

There are Myths

That these best solar watches cannot work in dark. However, all such rumors are false. Once the watch has been charged to 100% it will remain operational in dark and light for 3-5 months at least.

The Major Benefit

That solar watches have given to buyers is the elimination of the need to replace better is. Traditional watches can work for 3-4 years and then need a battery replacement. Most of the times, laziness to get the battery replacement results in discarding of the watch. However, with upcoming of this solar technology, the need for this battery replacement gets omitted and your watches can be used for as long as you want.

10 Best Solar Watches: A Detailed Review

Seiko has always been the buyers favorite when it comes to watches. This black bracelet watch for men is another trending piece in the market. The smooth multi- chronograph black dial is so elegant that you won’t be able to resist from buying it. Also, the stainless steel material will ensure durability, and so this watch will become an everyday accessory for you.

Talking about its features, this watch weighs only 12.8 ounces and is comfortable to wear with a push-button clasp. It has an analog display, and the hands offer a luminous display for convenient readability. The watch is very accurate, being designed with Japanese quartz technology.

Most buyers love this elegant watch. The color and design both, are very appealing. Also, a solar-powered watch is very convenient for usage. Overall, the customers are very satisfied with this economical product.

Also, you need not worry about the battery since it is solar powered. It also has a six months power reserve. Two-tone watch features for you the time, date and calendar as well. It also has a feature of a stopwatch.

Not just the looks, it has been crafted keeping in mind the durability as well. This stainless steel material watch is water resistant as well, up to a level of 100m. this is one of the most popular solar powered watch in the market and usually the first choice of the customers.


✅ Luminous hands which offer better readability.
✅ 6 months of power reserve.
✅ Stainless steel material for better durability.
✅ Waterproof up to 100m.


❌ Functions may decrease if charging with sunlight is not done.
❌ Date adjustment needs to be done manually.
❌ No backlighting.

The range of G shock watches by Casio have always fascinated the buyers. This latest G shock multiband watch has also stood up to the expectations of watch lovers. The sturdy design with an elegant look makes this watch a must-have. It is a multifunctional watch with full auto EL light.

You can set up to 4 daily alarms and set the time according to 42 different time zones. This is not all; it offers some additional functions as well, like, 1/100 seconds stopwatch, countdown timer and time view in both 12 hours and 24 hr format. The accuracy is very high as it is designed with the Japanese quartz technology and offers a digital display for you. Also, it is water resistant up to 200m. Hence you need not worry about damage due to water.

Nice watch, with a stylish look and sturdy design. Buyers highly recommend this watch if you’re into sports, mountaineering, construction or some rough- tough tasks.

Overall, it is an excellent buy considering the amazing features, great design, lightweight, and ruggedness. The black resin strap with buckle closure can go with almost every outfit, and you can wear it even during rough tasks, this trendy watch will surely keep up the value of its name and absorb shocks without getting damaged. This watch will not disappoint the users in any way and since it comes from one of the most popular brands, the trust level definitely rises!


✅ Comfortable wear.
✅ Lightweight.
✅ EL backlight display for easy readability.
✅ Waterproof up to 200m.
✅ Rugged design.


❌ Blackout feature which makes readability difficult during daytime.
❌ Average battery backup. Needs to be charged in sunlight often.

Seiko watches have always been women’s favorite. This silver metal watch from Seiko has also impressed the women with its elegant design. This watch is all about style, trend, and beauty at a very affordable price. The watch has been designed very beautifully with a silver dial offering analog display. The numbers are also in sufficiently large font offering good readability.

The bracelet is the silver and gold colored metal chain. The golden color is just the right combo to fit in with any jewelry of yours. It is the right choice if you’re looking for a trendy design to suit your style statement with a formal dress code or for party wear. Also, the watch ensures accuracy as it has been built using Japanese Quartz technology. The battery backup is also good.

The buyers who have purchased this watch are highly satisfied with this great watch. It brings to the table elegance, grace and efficient battery backup at a very affordable price.

Once you solar charge it, the battery will surely last long. Another amazing feature is its water resistance. This watch is water resistant up to 99 feet — so no need to worry about the watch getting damaged even when dealing with water-related tasks. Women can enjoy this sleek designed solar power watch which can be easily paired with casual, office or party look. It’s a must have accessory and would definitely be there with you much longer than your traditional watch.


✅ Elegant design.
✅ Golden color to pair up easily with any jewelry.
✅ Larger font size for easy readability.
✅ Good battery backup.
✅ Water resistance up to 99 feet.


❌ No EL backlight thus can be difficult to read at night.
❌ This strap, not suitable for women looking for wide strap design.

4. Timex Men’s Expedition Ranger Solar Watch

Leather watches can never go out of style, and this leather watch for men has gained a large fan following as well. A variety of colors are available, tan being the most frequently purchased one. Other colors available include blue and orange accent. The design is super stylish and sturdy.

The adjustable strap can fit the wrist circumference size up to 8 inches. The best part of this super stylish watch is its battery reserve. Once you charge it in light, it can stay charged up to 2 months! The readability is also great due to the large font size as well as orange and blue accents on the blue dial color.

A great stylish watch for men. Buyers are delighted and are most inclined towards the tan color. You can choose other color variants as well depending on the one which suits you the most.

To enhance the display and readability, the hands are also white colored. Overall, the silver colored dial looks amazing. The tan colored leather strap adds on to the style statement, making this watch a must have for all watch lovers. Also, you need not worry about damage due to water as this watch is water resistant up to 50m.


✅ Stylish design.
✅ Leather strap with adjustable clasp.
✅ Good readability.
✅ Great power reserve.
✅ Water resistance up to 50m.


❌ Not suitable for men with thin wrist circumference.

This is the best watch available in the market for those involved in sports and treks. It is just another addition to the amazing list of Casio ProTrek watches and is an improved version of the previous ones. The customers love the sturdy design and enhanced features offered by this sturdy watch. It is resistant to low temperature and is solar powered. Once charged fully, it can stay on reserve for about 5- 20 months. The charging time depends upon the light source.

Some of the features offered to you by this watch include digital compass with bearing memory, altimeter, barometer, thermometer, barometer, sunrise and sunset timings, World time data and countdown timer. Thus, it is a full package of anything and everything you can ask for. It has a digital dial for day/ date display which is further essential for quick and enhanced readability. Also, it is designed with the advanced triple sensor version 3, which can pack sensors 95% than those of previous models.

Customers are impressed with the features offered by this watch and the level of sensitivity is also great. It is a  solo companion on treks and mountaineering trips and guides throughout

Water resistance of this watch is up to 200m, hence suitable for even wet environments. The backlight display offers great visibility even in the dark. You can also put this watch on power saving mode when the battery is running out. Overall, the buyers are highly impressed with this all in one package for their trek trips and athletic activities.


✅ Great features including barometer, thermometer, sunrise- sunset time detector.
✅ World time data.
✅ 1/10 seconds stopwatch.
✅ 12/24 hour format.
✅ Auto LED display.


❌ The band material can be irritating to the skin.

This super stylish military style watch from Seiko is now trending a lot. The blue colored strap with a silver dial is a fantastic combo. Analog display looks classy, and with bigger font size, it will offer you easy readability as well. Other than time display, the day is also displayed. The day style display is also very elegant with a small day display window at the corner. The band is made of Nylon and offers a buckle closure. Nylon can last long and is damage proof. Hence this watch can be used for a long time.

Nice stylish watch from Seiko. The blue colored strap looks great and nylon built is comfortable as well. One of the rare analogs watches with day display as well.

The silver color dial looks very classy and can go with any outfit. It also has a coin bezel on top which adds on to the stylish design. The luminous hands and markers are also protected using durable crystal for a longer lifespan. Watch is water resistant up to 100m and is suitable for swimming, snorkeling but make sure to take off your watch if you’re going for scuba diving.


✅ Stainless steel design, hence durability is high.
✅ Large font size.
✅ Luminous display.
✅ Day and date display.


❌ Non-rotating bezel: Benzel is non-rotational and non-functioning.
❌ Luminous feature during nights can be improved.

This elegantly designed pearl watch is the best buy for all ladies. It will jewel up your hands beautifully and easily team up with all other accessories and outfits. The completely pearled dial has a beautiful finish and gives a graceful look rather than gaudy. The metal strap also has some crystals embellished in it, accentuating the watch’s design. Women who have already bagged this watch are completely satisfied with the beautiful design and quality of Seiko has been an all-time favorite for the ladies since past itself.

Elegant crystal watch. Must have for all women to accentuate their party look. Can easily be teamed up with any jewelry and other accessories.

It is designed with Japanese quartz movement and is solar powered. However, water resistance is only up to 30m so make sure you remove it before bathing or any other water activity to avoid any damage to your precious watch. You can carry it easily on any occasion or in daily wear as well depending upon your choice.


✅ Elegant Design.
✅ A classy combination of silver and gold can go along with any outfit.
✅ Japanese quartz movement.


❌ Low water resistance.
❌ Needs to be solar charged quite often.

This watch from Casio is a uniquely designed masterpiece with retro design in a modernized way. The black dial is quite similar to the G shock series, but here this comes with a silver strap which looks classy as well. The watch is digi- analog, hence again a hybrid design and looks super classy. Other features incorporated in this super stylish watch include calendar, countdown timer, five alarms and world time. You can see up to 31 time zones of 41 different cities. Unlike other series of Casio watches, this watch is light in weight and is comfortable to wear and carry around.

Hybrid design unique watch. Includes multiple features generally unavailable in analog watches. Adds on a sporty look to the personality.

It is water resistant to 100m and is suitable for water activities as well. The readability is also good because of LED backlight and uniformly designed font colors to match the darker shade of the background. The battery backup is great; once you charge it to full, the battery can last for around ten months without any need to recharge it again.


✅ Unique design.
✅ Calendar, different time zones are additional features.
✅ Ana-digi display.
✅ Five alarms can be set.
✅ Great battery backup.


❌ Steel metal strap which might not be suitable for wearing for long duration.
❌ Alarm volume is quite low.

It is a classic regular women’s watch which you would love to wear as an everyday accessory. The watch design is simple with a silver dial, and metal strap and weight is also light to meet your simplicity requirements. The design material is stainless steel which enhances the durability of your watch.

You can thus prefer using it even in routine curse without any worries about scratches and damage. It has an analog display, and the readability is really good owing to a light colored background and large font size. It also displays the day along with date which is quite rare in analog watches, hence a good feature to count on.

Simple and classic watch design. Silver colored and hence can go with any outfit and any occasion. Light in weight and increased durability owing to stainless steel material. Overall, it’s a good buy for routine wear, and you’ll surely love the simple, lightweight design in this amazing Seiko watch.


✅ Lightweight.
✅ Day display.
✅ Good readability.
✅ Up to 100 m water resistance.


❌ The day and date display can go out of sync and may take some time in syncing.

This men’s watch with a black dial by Seiko is a complimentary version of its women’s watch Seiko Women’s Silvertone solar watch. So if you’re looking to buy a pair watch, this is the best choice. Otherwise also, this classic men’s watch with a silver bracelet, black dial is a good buy. Buyers are highly satisfied with the quality and simple design. You can carry it everywhere and on all occasions. The analog display is great with good readability owing to white colored and large font size.

Simple and classy design. Black dial with a silver metal strap is a good combination. Along with time, day and date display are additional features.

It is crafted with stainless steel metal, and hence durability is also hight. The battery backup is good and being a solar watch, no hassles of getting the battery relaxed again and again. Overall, it’s a great buy for yourself or to gift to someone special as well.


✅ Classic design: The design of the watch is very traditional and simple. A must but for people looking for a simple design.
✅ Enhanced durability with stainless steel crafting.
✅ Good readability.
✅ Day- Date display.


❌ The day and date display may go out of sync and take time to sync back.

Best Solar Watches Buying Guide: What are checkpoints should you achieve

Before buying a solar watch, you need to first decide about your purpose of purchase just like in case of other normal watches. First decide the reason for purchase, whether you wish to use it as a daily accessory, you want a party wear style, sports watch, or trek watches it all special functionalities as well.

Once you’ve finalized your reason for purchase you can move ahead to shortlisting your favorite designs. However, while shortlisting these designs make sure to keep a check about the following things:

Crafting Material

 If you’re purchasing a metal watch prefer stainless steel as it is more durable than steel. Otherwise if going for cloth material, nylon can be the best choice. In case of other variants, make sure that it is comfortable and not- sensitive to the skin.


Don’t go for sturdy designs or heavyweight watches which can be difficult to carry on the wrists. Prefer lighter weight watches which are comfortable.


The readability of watch matters a lot, it must offer easy readability in dark as well. Backlight LED must be incorporated or luminous hands and digits to aid display. If you’ve weak vision, make sure they don’t the size of the dial is large. Also, you need to ensure the minimum light level in case of low battery should also be sufficient for vision.

Battery Backup

In case of solar watches battery backup is of primary concern. Ensure that battery last for at least 3-5 months after a single charge with solar light.

Illuminating Sources

solar watches get charged with light. Most of the watches can get charged with varied light sources. Prefer the ones which can get charged using a diverse range of light sources.

Why & When You need a Solar Watch

So, no more need to discard the watch, with solar energy watches, you can recharge the watch using any light source and then it is ready for use again. After a single 100% recharge, the watch can be operated for 3-5 years. The time taken for recharge will vary depending on the source of light.

Who Should use a Solar Watch

Watches are a daily necessity and for some people having a good collection of watches is a style statement as well. Most women are more fond of stylish embellished watches while men look for classy ones. Sportspersons, athletes, and mountaineers can opt for the trek style watches. These watches are specially designed to suit everyone’s need.

To satisfy the fashion craving for women,  embellished, peral style watches are best suited. In watches designed for sports and mountaineers, the features are highly uniques and customized. They include barometer, thermometer, World time zones, etc. All such variants are available in solar batteries as well.

These solar watches are durable, long- lasting and do not require changing the batteries again and again. Thus, it is a recommended alternate of our classic battery driven watches.

All the variants available in regular watch categories like sports watches, trek watches, analog/ digital watches, pearl designer watches are available as solar watches as well. So anyone who loves to have a variety of watches or is looking for a good watch to cater the need can opt for purchasing these solar wrist watches.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Best Solar Watches

1. Are solar watches better than batteries?

The solar-powered watches are more reliable than the battery one. The solar-powered watches are useful for ten years. The cellsused to operate the eyes are more reliable than the batteries.

2. Do solar watches last forever?

Solar watches are widespread in the world. The people are using most of their eyes. So, most of the solar watches last forever. It is an extraordinary advantage of using solar watches.

3. Can you overcharge a solar watch?

A solar watch should not overcharge. After taking heat from the sunlight, it automatically gets warm so that the solar look can be soaked. The prevention of overcharging functions can widely prevent solar watch from being overcharged.

4. Is solar watch better than automatic?

The solar watch is as accurate as an automatic watch. The mechanical movements of the eye get high most of the time. As a result, the look gets an accurate one as an automatic watch.

5. Can you replace a battery in a solar watch?

You can replace the battery of the solar watch. In case you notice the solar panel is not working, you can return the battery to increase the life of the product. Also, the replacement procedure of the solar panel is an easy task.


So, if you’re searching for a good watch for yourself, filter your search and opt for best solar watches 2020. They can be more convenient and a better choice. To select the best one for yourself, refer the list of top solar watches given above. Apart from these if you wish to buy some other ones you can easily check out on or nearby retail outlets. Just chose your style and get yourself the best style for yourself.

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